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We are a team. We create technologies.
We make the future.


Our team is a complementary group of highly qualified chemists, engineers, designers,
and professionals from many fields. Our goal is to solve real problems,
developing technologies that will be successfully implemented in the industry.

Years of testing
Industrial applications
Literes of ikorol made
Research team members

  About LPT

The Laboratory of Technology Processes (LPT) of the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, is a unique research unit combining in one place 3 areas of activity usually found separately: didactics, basic and industrial research and production.

We specialize in comprehensive development of chemical technologies that are tested and improved prior to industrial deployment during experimental production in our laboratories and prototype installations.

The acquired knowledge and experience is passed on to the students, which completes and re-energizes the process of developing and testing new ideas and technologies.

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