Neutralizes Rust and Protects against Corrosion


Improves paint performance with innovative rust neutralization technology. Efficacy confirmed by long-term studies.


The use of ikorol as a backing coat prolongs the paint coating’s performance by 3 to 10 years.


Depending on the technology applied ikorol, further layers of coatings can be applied after 60 minutes.


Just a thin layer of ikorol is enough. Only heavily corroded steel components may require double application.

One Product – Many Applications

How ikorol works?


ikorol is the latest multifunctional anti-corrosive preparation. After application, barely visible,
The thin film penetrates deeply into the corroded surface to form a sealed protective layer.
At the same time, this layer becomes a flexible, anticorrosive binder under all types of paint coatings.


Neutralizes rust components

Ikorol® effectively neutralizes rust components directly on steel surfaces, creating organic complexes resistant to atmospheric factors.


Increases adhesion of coatings

Ikorol® binds with metal or old paint increases the adhesion of new protective coatings and prevents them from falling off and cracking.

Efficiency confirmed by the results of research by independent experts

Efficacy confirmed by research.

The independent experts have confirmed the effectiveness of ikorol in the application of different grades of corrosion-resistant steel and in combination with various types of painting systems. The samples were once covered with ikorol, after which the paint systems: epoxy, polyurethane, epoxy ester, acrylic, alkyd modified after 1 hour were applied.

After application, the coatings were cured for 21 days and then exposed for 14 – 48 months at the field station in downtown Katowice. After hardening and after the end of seasoning in field conditions, the adhesion of the coatings was determined by the detach method.

The test results clearly show that corolla does not cause adhesion reduction even when applied to abrasive blasted surfaces to Sa 2 level. When used on corroded surfaces, it increases adhesion to the substrate.



After the seasoning period under no circumstances (cross cuts and pull off cuts), no subcoating has occurred. Ikorol has penetrated the substrate on the pads along with all the corrosion products, so it can be assumed that the tested inhibitor exhibits exceptionally good penetrating properties. There was no development of crevice corrosion under welded edges.

Ikorol® is the best protection against corrosion:


    • Improves paint adhesion


    • It inhibits subcoating corrosion


    • It works independently of the surface type


    • Works with all non-water painting systems

Ikorol® is a new generation anti-corrosion product.
The results of long-term research work of Polish scientists successfully implemented
and tested in the industry.

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Environmental friendly

Does not contain acids


Our technology guarantees effective protection of steel against corrosion without the use of substances that may pose a risk to the user

Does not contain heavy metals


It does not endanger the health of users, even in the case of prolonged use, no harmful substances accumulate in the body.

Production does not generate waste

When producing ikorol we take care of the environment – we professionally and safely dispose of industrial wastewater and use full recycle of organic solvents.


Innovative technology has been developed so that the active ingredient is incorporated in the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly carrier.